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How the Coronavirus can help break down borders.

Any of us who take part in Network frequently know one of the biggest barriers to getting a big Hampshire Network reunion is distance. We're spread few and far between across the county and however cool Playzone is, it's quite a trek from the other corners of the county. Enter Zoom and the current virtual […]

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Going for greens: reviewing your programme.

We all know a good Network needs a balanced programme, with a nice mix of projects and events and the Quality Programme Checker (on the Scout site here) helps us do just this. To use it, simply glance through each of the statements and work out whether your network falls under the red, amber or […]

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Something to aim for: the Top Awards.

Scout Network is all about our 18 to 25 year old members becoming the best person they can be. Whether they are full time network members, part of a leadership team or helping out once a year while they’re at university, we want them to aim high. The Top Awards can help them do just […]

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