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There has been a change in the guidance for getting back to face-to-face activities that removes a barrier to Scout Network getting back to activities in person.

Previously, the government and National Youth Agency did not include Scout Network in the guidance for youth groups meaning we were only able to meet in smaller groups compared to the younger Scout sections.

This has now changed and Scout Network can meet in groups of up to 15 at the Amber readiness level. The Scouts are expecting to move to Amber on the 29th March.

This does not apply to social events, but does apply to any programme events. It is also recommended to wear Scout clothing or a necker to help identify you with the public. Social distancing and the other safeguards we are used to in society at the moment still apply.

Find out more

You can find updates from Hampshire on our Coronavirus information page.

The full guidance for Scout Network groups, as updated in March 2021, can be found at the Scout website. It's called Guidance for getting adults involved again.

Other guidance that may be useful for you include Nights away and international travel and Doing the DofE.

The details about the readiness levels and the groups can be found on the Scouts website.

Risk Assessments

Just like last summer, you will need a returning to face-to-face risk assessment covering the things you'll need to think about to keep safe.

If you had one approved for Amber in the past, then this does not need to be confirmed again but it is recommended that you check it and review it all the same.

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